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Organizers: Luke Evans and Liam Fowl
9/11 Dr. Dong Dong (UMD) Harmonic analysis in combinatorics: a case study
9/18 Prof. Costas Karanikas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Constrictions of bent functions using a family of permutations and Reed-Muller type codes
9/25 Dr. Xiumin Du (UMD) A sharp Schrodinger maximal estimate in R^2
10/23 Prof. Ervin Sejdic (Univ. of Pittsburgh) Mathematical approaches to understand and alter swallowing and gait functions in humans
11/06 Prof. Stefan Steinerberger (Yale) Oscillations of Fourier series, Quantitative Sturm-Liouville Theory and Applications
11/13 Prof. John Benedetto (UMD) Frames and some algebraic forays
11/20 Dr. Sui Tang (JHU) Inference of interaction laws in systems of agents from trajectory data
11/27 Ahmad Mousavi (UMBC) Some topics in sparse optimization
02/12 Sebastian Cioaba (Univ. of Delaware) The smallest eigenvalues of Hamming, Johnson and other graphs
02/19 No Seminar
02/21 - 02/22 February Fourier Talks
02/26 Julian Yarkony (Verisk Analytics) Principled Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Implicit Column Generation and Nested Benders Decomposition
03/05 Tyrus Berry (George Mason University) Frame theory and a global approach to the exterior calculus
03/12 Stephen Casey (American University) Sampling and Tomography in Euclidean and non-Euclidean Spaces
03/19 Spring Break
04/09 Addison Bohannon (UMD) Stochastic processes on graphs: learning representations and applications
04/15 Goetz Pfander (KU Eichstatt-Ingolstadt) Exponential bases for partitions of intervals
04/16 David Bindel (Cornell) Latent factor models
04/23 David Bindel (Cornell) Scalable kernel methods
04/30 David Bindel (Cornell) Spectral methods in data network analysis
05/07 Weilin Li (NYU) Super-resolution, subspace methods, and minimum singular value of non-harmonic Fourier matrices


Organizers: Weilin Li and Mark Magsino
9/12 Weilin Li (UMD) Super-resolution below the Rayleigh length
9/19 Kung-Ching Lin (UMD) Distributed Noise Shaping of Signal Quantization
9/26 Prof. John Benedetto (UMD) Frames -- two case studies: ambiguity and uncertainty
10/3 Chenzhi Zhao (UMD) Measures with locally finite support and spectrum
10/10 Mark Magsino (UMD) Constructing Tight Gabor Frames Using CAZAC Sequences
10/17 Dr. Stefano Vigogna (JHU) Multiscale analysis of data and functions in high dimension
10/24 Prof. Robert Ghrist (Penn) Topological Integral Transforms with Applications to Sensing
10/31 Prof. Nate Strawn (Georgetown) Image Space Embeddings for Data Visualization and Processing
11/7 No Seminar
11/14 Dr. Joey Iverson (UMD) Optimal coherence from finite group actions
11/21 Thanksgiving
11/28 Dr. Ethan Stump (ARL) Parsimonious Online Learning with Kernels and Connections with Deep Learning
12/5 Dr. James Murphy (JHU) Unsupervised Geometric Learning: Theory and Applications
2/13 February Fourier Talks
2/20 Dr. Patricia Alonso-Ruiz (UMD) Heat diffusion on inverse limit spaces
2/27 No seminar
3/6 Jerry Emidih (UMD) Deep Geometric Learning and Data Fusion spaces
3/20 Spring Break
3/27 No Seminar
4/3 Weilin Li* (UMD) Topics in harmonic analysis, sparse representations, and data analysis
4/4 Mark Magsino* (UMD) Constant Amplitude Zero Autocorrelation Sequences and Single Pixel Camera Imaging
4/10 Divyang Bhimani Modulation Spaces and Applications to NLS and NLW
4/11 Yiran Li* (UMD) Feature extraction in image processing and deep learning
4/17 Dr. Soledad Villar (NYU) Stable denoising with generative networks
4/24 Dr. Shuyang Ling (NYU) Bilinear inverse problems: theory, algorithms, and applications in imaging science and signal processing
5/1 Weilin Li (UMD) Subspace methods and smallest singular value of Vandermonde matrices
5/8 Prof. Victor Lie (Purdue) The Hilbert Transform and the maximal (Hardy-Littlewwod) operator along variable families of non-flat curves.
5/10 Dr. Joey Iverson* (UMD) Zak transform analysis of shift-invariant subspaces


Organizers: Weilin Li, Mark Magsino, and Dongmian Zou
September 6: Dr. Joey Iverson (UMD) Equiangular Tight Frames Generated by Nonabelian Groups
September 13: Dr. Anirudha Poria (UMD) Behavior of Gabor Frame Operators on Wiener Amalgam Spaces
September 27: Prof. Sivaram Narayan (Central Michigan University) Complex Symmetric Composition Operators on the Hardy Space
October 4: Prof. Stephen Casey (American University) The Analysis of Periodic Point Processes
October 10: Prof. Nate Strawn (Georgetown) Connectivity and Irreducibility of Finite Unit-Norm Tight Frame Varieties
October 18: Prof. Irena Mitrea (Temple University) Complex Variables Techniques in Scattering Theory
October 25: Prof. Greg Coxson (United States Navy Acadamy) Enumeration and Generation of Binary and Quad-Phase Code PSL Equivalence Classes
November 01: Dr. Alexander Cloninger (Yale University) Function Weighted Diffusion for Unreliable Functions with Applications to Determining Drug Treatment Effectiveness
November 15: Dr. James Murphy (Johns Hopkins) Discrete directional Gabor frames
November 29: Shujie Kang(UMD)
December 6: Christiana Sabett (UMD) Regularization of the Inverse Laplace Transform with Applications in NMR Relaxometry
February 6: Rafael Reisenhofer (University of Bremen) Edge, Ridge and Blob Detection with Symmetric Molecules
February 20: Prof. Yen Quang Do (UVA) Real roots of random polynomials
February 27: Dr. Michelle Quirk (Los Alamos) Principal Component Filter Banks: Optimality Criteria for Multi-Dimensional Signal Encoding
March 6: Prof. Andrew Childs (UMD) High-precision quantum algorithms
March 13: Dr. Alfredo Nava-Tudela (UMD) A recommender system to restore images with impulse noise
March 27: Prof. Michael Robinson (American) Topological sensor data fusion
April 3: Addison Bohannon (UMD) Variational inference with deep generative models
April 10: Dr. Sui Tang (JHU) Universal spatiotemporal sampling sets for discrete spatially invariant evolution processes
April 17: Dr. Wenjing Liao (JHU) Multiscale adaptive approximations to data and functions near low-dimensional sets
April 27-28: Prof. Ingrid Daubechies (Duke) Mathematics for art investigation
May 01: Prof. Dustin Mixon (Air Force) A semidefinite relaxation of k-means clustering


Organizers: Matt Begue and Chae Clark
September 9: Professor Massimo Fornasier abs
September 15: Professor Maria Cameron (University of Maryland) abs
September 22: Professor Nathaniel Strawn (Georgetown University) abs
September 29: Dr. Bubacarr Bah (University of Texas) abs
October 6: Professor Thomas Goldstein (University of Maryland) abs
October 13: Professor Paul Hand (Rice University) abs
October 20: Dr. Radhakrishnan Balu (US Army Research Laboratory) abs
October 27: Professor Michael Robinson (American University) abs
November 3: Dr. Christina Frederick (Georgia Tech) abs
November 10: Professor Nathan Cahill (Rochester Institute of Technology) abs
November 17: Wolfgang Dahmen, (RWTH Aachen) abs
November 24: Thang Huynh (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences) abs
December 1: Dr. James Murphy (Duke University) abs
December 8: Professor Yeonhyang Kim (Central Michigan University) abs
February 2: Dr. Irene Waldspurger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) abs
February 16: Michael Northington V (Vanderbilt University) abs
March 1: Dr. Edgar Tchoundja (Washington University) abs
March 8: Dr. Yi-Kai Liu (NIST) abs


Organizers: James Murphy and Daniel Weinberg

Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule
September 9: Wojciech Czaja  
September 16: Chae Clark abs
September 30: Michael Kreisel abs
October 14: Jacob Bedrossian abs
November 4: Ed Bosch abs
November 11: Benjamin Kedem abs
November 25: James Murphy abs
December 9: Piya Pal abs
February 3: Chae Clark and Matt Begue abs
February 10: Matt Guay abs
February 26: Dongmian Zhou abs
March 3: Vignon Oussa abs
March 24: Mads Jakobsen abs
April 30: Sivaram Narayan abs


Organizers: James Murphy and Karamatou Yacoubou Djima

September 3: Group Meeting
September 10: Marius Ionescu abs
September 17: Benjamin Manning abs
September 24: Luke Rogers abs
October 1: Alfredo Nava-Tuledo abs
October 8: Matt Begue abs
October 15: Xuemei Chen abs
October 22: Massimo Picardello abs slides
October 29: Wei-Hsuan Yu abs
November 5: Hassan Mohy-ud-Din abs
November 12: Konstantin Berlin abs
November 19: Mike Kreisel abs
November 26: Jameson Cahill abs
December 3: Mishko Mitkovski abs
December 9: Nate Strawn abs
December 10 Fred Chen (Cancelled) abs
February 4: Group Meeting
February 18 FFT
February 25: Gokhan Civan abs
March 4 Fred Chen abs
March 25 Jakob Lemvig abs
April 8 Wenjing Liao abs
April 15 Vahid Reza Ramezan abs
April 22 Benjamin Manning abs
April 29 Chae Clark abs
May 6 Edinah Gnang abs
May 13 Sandra Keiper abs


Organizers: Alex Cloninger and Rongrong Wang

September 11: Brendan Farrell abs
September 18: Xuemei Chen abs
September 25: Bryant Angelos abs
October 2: Matthew Hirn abs
October 9: Glenn Easley abs
October 16: Howard Cohl abs
October 30: Clare Wickman abs
November 6: Jameson Cahill abs
November 20: Julia Dobrosotskaya abs
November 27: Nate Strawn abs
December 4: Youngmi Hur abs
December 11: Jens Christensen abs
January 29: Aliaksei Sandryhaila abs
February 5: Demetrio Labate abs
February 19: Roza Aceska abs
February 26: Li Chen abs
March 5: Daniel Sussman abs
March 12: Yen Do abs
March 26: Yuan Liao abs
April 2: Yi Wang (Joint Seminar) abs
April 9: Bryant Angelos abs
April 9: Mark Lai (4pm) abs
April 16: David Walnut abs
April 30: Radu Balan abs
May 7: Hans Feichtinger abs


Organizers: Alex Cloninger and Rongrong Wang

September 13: Keri Kornelson Orthogonal Exponentials on Fractal Hilbert Spaces
September 20: Matt Guay Infinity-Harmonic Functions on the Sierpinski Gasket
September 27: Julia Dobrosotskaya Shearlet Ginzurg-Landau Energy, Anisotropic Analogues, Associated Operators and Applications
October 4: Matthew Begue Harmonic functions and the spectrum of the Laplacian on the Sierpinski carpet
October 11: Michael Robinson Internal imaging of graphs and applications to urban sensing
October 13: Radu Balan (Statistics Seminar) A Regularized Estimator and the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for a Nonlinear Signal Processing Problem
October 18: Roman Sznajder Life and work of Jozef Marcinkiewicz
October 25: Daniel Butts Characterizing neuronal "computation" underlying sensory processing
November 8: Alan Schaum Clairvoyant Fusion: A New Approach to Composite Hypothesis Testing
November 9: Marie Farge (Department Colloquium) Why and How Do We Use Wavelets to Study Turbulence?
November 15: Arpad Benyi Anisotropic classes of pseudodifferential symbols
November 17: Alex Cloninger The Work of Candes, Romberg, and Tao in Compressive Sensing
November 29: Stephen Casey Adaptive Signal Processing
November 30: Stephane Mallat (CSCAMM Seminar) Classification with Stable and Informative Invariants
December 6: Alfred Carasso Unexplored Territory in some Nonstandard Parabolic Equations and their Application
February 7: Amos Golan Info-Metrics: Theory and Examples
February 14: John Benedetto The Theory of Frames and Certain of its Applications
February 28: Kasso Okoudjou Prime Tight Frames
April 17: Alfredo Nava-Tudela Image Representation and Compression via Sparse Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations
April 24: John Greer Compressive Sensing of Hyperspectral Images
April 27: Travis Andrews Spectral Synthesis, Projective Multiresolution Analysis, and Wavelets
May 8: Margit Pap The voice transform generated by a representation of the Blascke group on the weighted Bergman spaces, connections with atomic decompositions, and multiresolution on the Bergman space
June 27: Elias Balaras Tackling Turbulence in Biological Flows


Organizers: Kevin Duke and Avner Halevy

September 7: Nate Strawn Minimization of the Frame Operator Distance
September 14: Wojciech Czaja NGA and NARP Symposium and Workshops
September 23: NIH Workshop Workshop on Computational Analysis in Systems Biology
September 28: Ciprian Demeter Proof of the HRT conjecture for special configurations
October 5: Jose Luis Romero Characterization of coorbit spaces through phase-space multipliers
October 12: Stephen Casey Adaptive and Ultra-Wideband Sampling via Signal Segmentation and Projection
October 19: Jose Luis Romero Surgery of Molecular Frames
October 26: Stephen Casey Cauchy's Equation, Continuity, and Hamel Bases
November 2: Emily King Protein-Protein Docking and the FFT
November 9: Compressive Sensing Workshop Extensions of diffeomorphisms of small distortion in euclidean space and their applications to rigid data allignment and medical imaging
November 16: Brody Johnson
November 23: Alexander Barg Some applications of harmonic analysis in coding theory and geometry
November 30: Shijun Zheng Semilinear Schroedinger Equation with Magnetic Potentials
December 7: Alex Meadows Soap solutions, tornado solutions, and semilinear elliptic PDEs
December 14: Jameson Cahill Operators and frames
February 1: Jens Christensen Atomic decompositions for coorbits via smoothness arguments
February 8: Emily King Generalized shearlets and the extended metaplectic group
February 17-18: February Fourier Talks February Fourier Talks
March 1: Martin Ehler Probabilistic frame concepts and the modeling of directional patterns
March 8: Marcin Bownik Existence of frames with prescribed norms and frame operator
March 15: Volkan Cevher Compressible priors for high-dimensional statistics
March 22: Avner Halevy Extensions of Laplacian Eigenmaps for Manifold Learning
April 5: Nate Strawn
April 12: Enrico Au-Yeung
May 4: Vivek Goyal Bayesian Analysis of Compressed Sensing and Improved Reconstruction from Quantized Samples
May 10: John Greer


Organizers: Enrico Au-Yeung and Nate Strawn

September 8: Jens Christensen Characterisation of some Banach spaces by wavelets
September 15: Jens Christensen Characterisation of some Banach spaces by wavelets
September 22: Michael Lamoureux Properties of Gabor multipliers for physical modeling
October 6: Rostislav Goroshin Solutions to Visibility Optimization Problems using Variational Methods in a Level-Set Framework
October 13: Stephen Howard Optimal Registration in Networks
October 20: Julia Dobrosotskaya Wavelet analogue of Ginzburg-Landau energy, its Gamma convergence and applications
October 27: Julia Dobrosotskaya Wavelet analogue of Ginzburg-Landau energy, its Gamma convergence and applications
November 10: Steve Damelin Extensions of diffeomorphisms of small distortion in euclidean space and their applications to rigid data allignment and medical imaging
December 1: Paolo Emilio Barbano Non-Smooth-Norm Denoising for SPECT and PET imaging
December 8: Enrico Au-Yeung Blow-ups, Ideals, and Varieties (A friendly tutorial on algebraic geometry for analysts)
December 15: Ozgur Yilmaz Sobolev Duals for Random Frames and Quantization of Compressed Sensing Measurements
January 26: Preben Nas Fast multiscale edge-detection in medical ultrasound signals
February 23: Nate Strawn Geometric aspects of finite frames I
March 2: Nate Strawn Geometric aspects of finite frames II
March 9: Avner Halevy Towards Dimensionality Reduction: Convergence of Discrete Approximations of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator
March 23: John Greer Sparse Demixing
April 6: John Benedetto
April 20: Richard Leapman Imaging Modes and Analytical Methods for 3D Reconstruction of Cells by Electron Tomography
April 26: Massimo Picardello Admissible convergence of harmonic functions at the boundary of a tree
April 27: Jaehyup Hong Fusion frames and applications
May 4: Radu Balan The non-commutative Wiener lemma and applications to distributed control of large-scale systems
May 10: Philippe Jaming
May 11: Rongrong Wang Compressible signal recovery from random projection


Organizers: Enrico Au-Yeung and Ben Lauser

September 16: Enrico Au-Yeung Fourier Frames and the Results of Jaffard and Seip
September 23: John Benedetto The theory of frames and Sigma-Delta quantization
October 14: John Benedetto Frames and a vector-valued ambiguity function
November 4: Shahaf Nitzan-Hahamov (QF)-systems: completeness with a frame type approximation property
November 11: Rachel Ward Cross Validation in Compressed Sensing
November 18: Martin Ehler Arbitrary Shrinkage Rules for Approximation Schemes with Sparsity Constraints
November 25: Douglas Cochran Geometry of the Welch Bounds
December 4: Gregory Chirikjian Solving Certain Fokker-Planck Equations Using Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis
December 9: Emily King Smooth functions associated with wavelet sets and frame bound gaps
January 28: Nathaniel Strawn The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma and Dimension Reduction (Preliminary Oral Exam)
February 5: Matthew Fickus Constructions and existence of tight fusion frames
February 18: Alexander Stokolos A Gentle Introduction in Bellman Function Technique
February 18: Shijun Zheng Strichartz Estimates for Schroedinger Equation with a Magnetic Potential
March 3: David Gillis An Introduction to Hyperspectral Data Modeling
April 7: Yufang Hao Generalizing Shannon Sampling Theorem by Self-Adjoint Extensions of Symmetric Operator
April 14: Kenneth MacDonald Barker Sequences, Theory and Applications
April 21: Christopher Heil Schauder bases, exact systems, and the Balian-Low Theorem
May 12: Eugenia Malinnikova Orthonormal sequences and time frequency localization


Organizers: Matthew Hirn and Emily King

September 13: Phil Islett On the Haar functions and Walsh functions
September 20: Matt Hirn/Emily King Intro to Harmonic Analysis
September 27: Irina Mitrea Boundary Value Problems for Higher Order Elliptic Operators
October 4: David Widemann Diffusion Wavelets for Hyperspectral Data
October 11: Nate Strawn A New Technique for Finite Frame Construction
October 18: Radu Balan Sparse Component Analysis: Use of Statistical Methods and Sparse Signal Representations in Convolutive Blind Source Separation Problems
November 1: Felix Krahmer How Orthogonal Polynomials Can Help Improving Exponentially Accurate Sigma-Delta Quantization Schemes
November 8: Matthew Hirn Uncertainty Principles in Sparse Representation and Compressed Sensing
November 15: Onur Oktay Quantization of Finite Frame Expansions
November 29: Carroll Nunn Optimization and Pulse Compression
January 31: Eugenio Hernandez A look at the democracy of wavelet bases in Lebesgue and Lorentz spaces
February 28: Luke Rogers Smooth cutoffs for functions on fractal sets, and applications
March 6: Krzysztof Nowak Selected time-frequency applications of the extended metaplectic representation
March 13: Alexander Teplyaev Analysis on finitely ramified fractals
March 24: Emily King The Geometry of Wavelets: Shearlets, Fractals and Group Representations
March 27: James Tanis Frame theory and the Kaczmarz algorithm
March 31: Emily King Hadamard Matrices: Applications and Theory
April 3: Abdelkrim Bourouihiya Signals coded by finite Gabor systems and transformations reducing sidelobes
April 10: Film on W. Doeblin Wolfgang Doeblin - a mathematician rediscovered a film by Agnes Handwerk and Harrie Willems
April 15: David Widemann Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data
April 17: Keri Kornelson The moment problem and IFS measures
April 24: Mauro Maggioni Analysis of, and on, data sets with diffusion operators
May 1: Martin Ehler The Construction of Nonseparable Wavelet Bi-Frames and Associated Approximation Schemes
May 2: Enrico Au-Yeung Harmonic Functions on Fractals
May 2: Stephen Howard TBA
May 8: Scott Rickard Costas arrays


Organizers: Onur Oktay and Somantika Datta

August 24: Goetz Pfander Operator sampling used for communication channel measurements and radar target identification.
September 13: Chris Flake The Balian - Low Theorem
September 21: David Widemann Deconvolution results from the summer workshop at the IMA
September 28: Alex Powell Alternative duals for linearly reconstructing sigma-delta quantized frame coefficients
October 12: Svetlana Roudenko The concentration phenomenon for Nonlinear Schroedinger equation
October 17: Glenn Easley Can we improve JPEG2000 using shearlets?
October 19: Anna Gilbert Fast Algorithms for Sparse Analysis
November 2: Abdelkrim Bourouihiya Certain properties of convolution operators and Fourier transform in the affine group
November 9: Kasso Okoudjou Weak uncertainty principles for fractals, graphs, and manifolds
November 16: Wojciech Czaja Uncertainty principles for Gabor systems and the Zak transform
November 30: Darrin Speegle Riesz sequences of exponentials and the Feichtinger conjecture
February 8: Emily King Density of Gabor Frames
February 9: Somantika Datta Wiener's Generalized Harmonic Analysis and Waveform Design
March 1: Siamak Sorooshyari A Multivariate Statistical Approach to Performance Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems
March 8: Lasha Ephremidize A new effective multidimensional spectral factorization algorithm
March 15: Yang Wang Denoising Natural Color Images
March 29: Glenn Easley Analysis and Improvements of the Total Variation Method for Wavelet-based Denoising
April 5: Benjamin Kedem A Semiparametric Approach to Time Series Prediction
April 12: Massimo Fornasier A unified approach to iterative thresholding algorithms for sparse recovery
April 19: Gitta Kutyniok From Wavelets to Shearlets: Introducing Directionality into Traditional Multiscale Analysis
April 26: David Walnut Construction of sampling theorems for unions of shifted lattices
May 3: Dennis Healy TBA
May 10: Chandler Davis Not Quite a Canonical Form
May 14: Zubin Sushrut Gautam A critical-exponent Balian-Low theorem
May 16: Jared Tanner The Surprising Structure of Gaussian Point Clouds and its Implications for Signal Processing


Organizers: Joe Kolesar and Juan Romero

September 12: Joe Kolesar Reconstructing a Bandlimited Function from very Coarsely Quantized Data
September 19: Ozgur Yilmaz Stability and Robustness Analysis of Second-Order Sigma-Delta: Part 1
September 26: Ozgur Yilmaz Stability and Robustness Analysis of Second-Order Sigma-Delta: Part 2
October 3: Wojciech Czaja The Balian-Low theorem for the symplectic form on R^2d
October 10: Guido Weiss A unified approach to the study of reproducing systems of functions
October 24: Soon Yeong Chung Generalized functions, the Heat Equation and Harmonic Analysis
October 31: Shijun Zheng Schrodinger operator Besov spaces, and Wavelet computations for thin film image processing
November 7: Loukas Grafakos The role of Gabor wavelets in the Carleson-Hunt theorem on almost everywhere convergence of the Fourier series
November 14: Wayne Eby Techniques applicable to Certain Convolution Equations in relation to the Pompeiu Problem
November 21: Darrin Speegle Meyer type wavelet bases in R^n
December 5: Juan Romero Frame Multiresolution Analysis
December 12: Joe Lakey Uncertainty principle inequalities: progress and some problems
February 20: Eitan Tadmor On a new scale of regularity spaces for incompressible Euler equations
April 10: Sinan Gunturk How Accurate Can One-Bit Quantization Get?
April 17: Paul Duraikan Samuel Helicopter gearbox diagnostics using a signal processing technique loosely based on lifting
April 18: Chan Woo Yang Double Hilbert transforms along surfaces in $R^{2+n}$
April 24: Mauro Maggioni Wavelet and Clustering Techniques for Analysis of Hyperspectral Data
May 8: Dan Scholnik Spatio-Temporal Delta-Sigma Modulation
June 10: Shijun Zheng Besov spaces for the Schroedinger operator with barrier potential
September 18: Hamid Behmard Sampling of Bandlimited Functions on Unions of Shifted Lattices
October 16: Glenn Easley A New Class of Discrete Radon Transforms: Theory and Image Processing Applications
February 5: Alfred Carasso Singular integrals, image smoothness, and the recovery of texture in image deblurring
February 26: Ramani Duraiswami An Introduction to the Fast Multipole Method
March 4: David Brady Spaces, bases and segmentation in radiation sensor systems
March 11: Tim Olson TBA
March 18: Eitan Tadmor A multiscale image representation using hierarchical $(BV,L^2)$ decompositions


Organizers: Alex Powell and Songkiat Sumetkijakan

September 13: Wojciech Czaja Characterizations of Gabor systems via the Fourier transform
October 25: Ioannis Konstantinidis TAIP - An Introduction
October 30: Aime' Fournier Application of multiwavelets to adaptive solution of partial differential equations in atmospheric dynamics
November 8: Radu Balan Gabor Approximations of Stochastic Processes
November 15: Dale Mugler Discrete Hermite Functions and the Fractional Fourier Transform
November 29: Wojtek Czaja Boundedness of Pseudodifferential Operators on Modulation Spaces
February 6: John Benedetto MRI signal reconstruction by Fourier frames on interleaving spirals
February 14: Yang Wang The Uniformity of Non-Uniform Gabor Bases
February 27: David Walnut Reconstruction from averages and systems of exponentials
February 27: Robert S. Strichartz Analysis on fractals vis-a-vis analysis on manifolds
February 28: Manos I. Papadakis Generalized Frame Multiresolution Analysis and Frames of Translates.
March 15: Songkiat Sumetkijakan A fractal set arising from a class of wavelet sets
March 21: Shijun Zheng Besov spaces for the Schrodinger operator with barrier potential
May 7: M. Victor Wickerhauser Accelerating Convergence of Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiotherapy Dose Distributions
May 13: Carlos A. Cabrelli Shift-invariant spaces revisited
May 13: Ursula M. Molter Hausdorff dimension of p-Cantor sets
May 17: Gotz Pfander TBA
August 1: Anwar Saleh Mohamed A Finite Dimensional Model for the Inverse Frame Operator


Organizers: Alex Powell and Songkiat Sumetkijakan

October 13: Manos Papadakis Generalized frame multiresolution analysis of abstract Hilbert spaces and the construction of univariate wavelets of L^2(R)
October 23: Chris Heil Gabor expansions in L^p
October 30: Yura Lyubarskii Interpolation in spaces of analytic functions and singular operators
November 9: George Kostakis Universal Taylor series
November 16: Shijun Zheng The Shrodinger equation and oscillatory Hilbert transforms
November 20: Yang Wang The analysis of tiling
November 30: Lizhong Peng Wavelets on the Heisenberg group
December 7: Jean-Pierre Leduc A group-theoretic approach to analyze spatio-temporal transformations
December 11: Steven A. Jones Evaluation of Multiple Receiver Doppler Ultrasound
March 8: Anwar A. Saleh Finite Dimensional Model for Oversampled Filter Banks
March 13: Flavia Colonna Polyharmonic functions on trees
March 15: Peter G. Binev Approximations with Tree Structure
March 15: John R. Arras Applicaitons of Poisson Summations in Harmonic Analysis
April 5: Matthew C. Fickus Finite Normalized Tight Frames and Spherical Equidistribution
April 12: Vasily Strela Denoising Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture Model in the Wavelet Domain
April 19: Jean-Pierre Leduc Radar Signal Processing: Ambiguity Problem and Phase Retrieval
April 26: John J. Benedetto Wavelet Periodicity Detection
May 3: Jo Ward Applications of harmonic analysis in robust system identification
May 3: Ken Harrison The role of the Fourier transform in quantum computing

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