Time: Tuesday, October 23rd,2018, 2:00pm @ MTH1308

Speaker: Ervin Sejdic (University of Pittsburgh)

Title: Mathematical approaches to understand and alter swallowing and gait functions in humans

Abstract: A human body comprises of several physiological systems that carry out specific functions necessary for daily living. Traumatic injuries, diseases and aging negatively impact human functions, which can cause a decreased quality of life and many other socio-economical and medical issues. Accurate models of human functions are needed to propose interventions and treatments that can restore deteriorated human functions. Therefore, our research aims to develop novel mathematical approaches that can accurately assess changes in swallowing and gait functions by focusing on dynamical interactions between musculoskeletal and other physiological systems. In this talk, I will present some of our recent contributions dealing with both mathematical and clinical aspects of our work. Lastly, I will also present our future research goals and our strategy to achieve these goals.

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