Speaker: Yang Wang (NSF / Georgia Institute of Technology)

Title: Denoising Natural Color Images


One of the big challenges in digital photography is denoising. With the ever increasing demand for higher pixel count in a digital camera noise becomes increasingly an issue that needs to be addressed. Even with high end digital cameras the photos can be very noisy under low lighting and artificial lighting. Although image denosing has been studied extensively, many of these schemes are evaluated using artificial pixelwise independent Gausssian noise. For natural color images this may not be entirely realistic.

In this talk we will give a brief overview on color imaging and image denoising. We'll also introduce several techniques for denoising natural color images, including a new color space specifically for this purpose and the Multiscale Total Variation denoising scheme, a wavelet based PDE technique. We show that combined together they lead to very effective denoising of natural color images.