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FFT 2010 Schedule

Below is the schedule of talks and time slots; a list of speakers is available here. Click on any speaker's name to get their title and abstract.

All talks will take place in the Department of Mathematics colloquium room, MATH 3206.

The main events include our Distinguished Lecturer, Elias Stein, on Thursday afternoon. We have a general interest talk by William Noel on Thursday at 6:45 pm, followed by a light dinner reception on the second floor rotunda of the Mathematics building. Charles Fefferman will give the Norbert Wiener Lecture on Friday at 3:00 pm, followed by High Tea for all participants of the FFT.

     Thursday Talks
February 18
   Friday Talks
February 19
    Morning speakers   Morning speakers
9:00-9:30   John Gray (Naval Surface Warfare Center)
The Generalized Doppler Effect in Radar with a Discussion of the Mathematics for Representing Functions from a Synesthesia Viewpoint
  Der Chen Chang (Georgetown University)
Analysis on the unit sphere S3
9:45-10:15   Gestur Olafsson (Louisiana State University)
Function spaces and representations
  Jill Pipher (Brown University)
Directional discrepancy in two dimensions
10:30-11:00   James Marshall (The MITRE Corp)
Efficient Methods for Determining the Communications Capacity of a WCDMA SATCOM System
  Dorin Comaniciu (Siemens Corporate Research)
Towards Engineering the Heart
11:15-11:45   Cristina Pereyra (University of New Mexico)
Weighted inequalities and dyadic harmonic analysis
  George Benke (Georgetown University)
Extremal Problems in Harmonic Analysis and Phased Arrays
12:00-1:30   Lunch   Lunch
    Afternoon speakers   Afternoon speakers
1:30-2:00   Robert Bonner (National Institutes of Health)
Multispectral Noninvasive Retinal Imaging
  Robert Rand (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Adaptive Coherence Estimator for Spatial/Spectral Pattern Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery
2:15-2:45   Min Wu (University of Maryland)
Invisible Traces in Pixels and Bits
  Jean Pierre Gabardo (McMaster University)
Irregular Gabor systems yielding Parseval frames
3:00-3:30   David Gillis (Naval Research Laboratory)
Spatial/Spectral Modeling of Hyperspectral Data
  Norbert Wiener Colloquium*
Charles Fefferman (Princeton University)
Interpolation and Extension by Smooth Functions
4:00-4:50   Norbert Wiener Center Distinguished Lecturer
Elias Stein (Princeton University)
Singular Integrals, Old and New
   * (The Norbert Wiener Colloquium will be followed by High Tea)
5:00   Student poster sessions    
    Thursday Evening Program    
6:30   Introductory remarks by Departmental Chair, James Yorke, and Norbert Wiener Center Director, John J. Benedetto    
6:45   Keynote Speaker William Noel
Infinite Possibilities: Reading between the lines of the Archimedes Palimpsest
7:30   Social, Light Dinner, Refreshments    

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