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Video of selected talks from FFT 2010

From this site you may stream a video of any of the talks listed below. The talk by Charles Fefferman was recorded for simulcasting by the UM Distance Learning office; his name links to the archived copy of his talk at their server. Please report any broken links or corrupted files to us via email at norbertwiener at math dot umd dot edu.

Norbert Wiener Colloquium: Charles Fefferman (Princeton)
Interpolation and extension by smooth functions
[Click here to be taken to the archived UM Distance Learning recording of the talk.]

Keynote Address: William Noel
Infinite possibilities: Reading between the lines of the Archimedes Palimpsest

Norbert Wiener Center Distinguished Lecturer (Thursday Afternoon): Elias Stein (Princeton)
Singular integrals, old and new

George Benke (Georgetown University)
Extremal Problems in Harmonic Analysis and Phased Arrays

Robert Bonner (National Institutes of Health)
Multispectral Noninvasive Retinal Imaging

Der Chen Chang (Georgetown University)
Analysis on the unit sphere S3

Jean Pierre Gabardo (McMaster University)
Irregular Gabor systems yielding Parseval frames

John Gray (Naval Surface Warfare Center)
The Generalized Doppler Effect in Radar with a Discussion of the Mathematics for Representing Functions from a Synesthesia Viewpoint

Gestur Olafsson (Lousiana State University)
Function spaces and representations

Cristina Pereyra (University of New Mexico)
Weighted inequalities and dyadic harmonic analysis

Jill Pipher (Brown University)
Directional discrepancy in two dimensions

Min Wu (University of Maryland
Invisible Traces in Pixels and Bits