February Fourier Talks 2010

James Marshall


Efficient Methods for Determining the Communications Capacity of a WCDMA SATCOM System


Wide-band code-division multiple access (WCDMA) communications waveforms allow many communications signals to co-exist in the same spectrum and still operate successfully. However, the effects of multiple access interference (MAI) must be accounted for and its impact on the communications capacity assessed. This leads to some interesting mathematical and computational problems that must be solved as communicators work toward practical WCDMA sytems. The purpose of this talk is to develop efficient algorithms that determine realizability for a given set of WCDMA communicagtions links in a satellite communications (SATCOM) system. These algorithms will be useful in determining system capacity for heterogeneous sets of links. The algorithms take into account the impact of adjacent beams in a multi-beam system. Also, the algorithms have been designed to significantly reduce the dimensionality of the analysis problem and, hence, the computational burden of calculations. An example capacity calculation is shown for a simple homogeneous case.