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Professor John J. Benedetto
Director and Professor of Mathematics
Office: Math 2213
Phone: Main: 301-405-5175, Alt: 301-405-5161
Email: jjb@math
Web page:
Matthew Dellatorre
Associate Director
Office: Math 2211
Phone: 301-405-5158
Email: mdellato@math
Web page:

Professor Radu Balan
Professor of Mathematics
Office: Math 2308
Phone: 301-405-5492
Email: rvbalan@math
Web page:

Professor Wojciech Czaja
Professor of Mathematics
Office: Math 2105
Phone: 301-405-5106
Email: wojtek@math
Web page:
Professor Kasso A. Okoudjou
Professor of Mathematics
Office: Math 2111
Phone: 301-405-5085
Email: kasso@math
Web page:
Dr. Michael R. Dellomo
Scientific Development Officer
Office: Math 2209
Phone: 301-405-5173
Email: mdellomo@radyn
Web page:
Dr. Jeffrey M. Sieracki
Scientific Development Officer
Office: Math 2209
Phone: 301-405-5173
Email: jms@sr2group
Dr. Alfredo Nava-Tudela
Scientific Development Officer
Office: CSS 4359
Email: ant@math
Dr. Harry Schmitt
Scientific Development Officer
Email: haschmitt11@gmail
Dr. Edward H. Bosch
Scientific Development Officer
Email: bosch_e1@verizon
Dr. Rees Evans
Scientific Development Officer
Email: reesevans@me


Postdoctoral Research Assistants, Research Affiliates, and Visitors

Dr. Joey Iversen
Research Associate
Web page:
Dr. Lance McLean
Research Affliliate


Jerry Emidih
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 3301
Email: jemidih@math
Micah Goldblum
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4400
Email: goldblum@math
Shujie Kang
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 2118
Email: kangsj@math
Kung-Ching Lin
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4204
Weilin Li
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4204
Email: wl298@math
Web page:
Yiran Li
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4423
Email: yl534@math
Mark Magsino
Graduate Research Assistant
Email: mmagsino@math
Danielle Middlebrooks
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4312
Email: dmiddle1@math
Franck Olivier Ndjakou Njeunje
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 4423
Email: fndjakou@math
Christiana Sabett
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 2119
Email: cmsabett@math
Catherine Schwartz
Graduate Research Assistant
Office: Math 2117
Email: schwa2cs@math
Chenzhi Zhao
Graduate Research Assistant


Collaborators and Quondam Faculty

Dr. Travis Andrews Associate Director and Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2014
Dr.Bryant Angelos Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2013
Professor Enrico Au-Yeung Graduate Research Assistant 2007-2011
Professor Abdelkrim Bourouihiya Postdoctoral Research Associate 2001-2006
Dr. Brent Baccala Research Associate 2008-2010
Dr. Rad Balu ARL, Research Affiliate 2015-Present
Dr. Poalo Barbano Research Affiliate 2004-Present
Dr. Alexander Barg Affiliate Faculty of Math Department and Research Collaborator with NWC Faculty 2016-Present
Dr. Matt Begue Associate Director and Graduate Research Assistant 2011-2016
David Burstin Undergraduate Research Assistant
Professor Steve Casey Visiting Professor Fall 2010, Spring 2018
Dr. Xuemei Chen Postdoctoral Research Assistant 2012-2014
Professor Jens Christensen Postdoctoral Research Associate 2009-2011
Dr. Gokhan Civan Graduate Research Assistant 2013-2015
Dr. Chae Clark Graduate Research Assistant 2011-2016
Professor Alexander Cloninger Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2014
Katherine Cordwell Daniel Sweet Fellow, currently NSF Graduate Fellow (CMU) 2015-2017
Jacob Criner Undergraduate Research Assistant 2010-2012
Dr. Somantika Datta Graduate Research Assistant 2002-2007
Darren Deanto Undergraduate Research Assistant 2009-2010
Professor Julia Dobrosotskaya Postdoctoral Research Assistant 2010-2013
Dr. Jeffrey Donatelli Undergraduate Research Assistant 2004-2007
Dr. Timothy Doster Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2014
Dr. Kevin Duke Research Assistant 2007-2012
Professor Martin Ehler Postdoctoral Research Associate 2008-2011
Leon Escobar Research Affiliate 2007-2008
Dr. Masoud Farshchian Research Affiliate 2016-present
Dr. J. Christopher Flake Research Assistant 2005-2010
Christina A. Frederick Daniel Sweet Fellow 2006-2008
Dr. Matt Guay Graduate Research Assistant 2011-2016
Dr. Avner Halevy Research Assistant 2007-2011
Dr. Ryan Harvey Graduate Research Assistant, Research Affiliate 2007-2014
Professor Dennis M. Healy Professor 2004-2009
Kevin Hencke Undergraduate Research Assistant 2009-2012
Dr. Matthew Hirn Research Assistant 2004-2009
Dr. Kaitlyn Tuley Hood Daniel Sweet Fellow 2008-2010
Professor Raymond Johnson Professor Emeritus 2004-2009
Professor Lee K. Jones Consulting Scientist 2004-Present
Dr. Shubha Kadambe Visiting Research Associate 2005-2008
Dr. Andy Kebo Postdoctoral Research Associate 2004-2005
Professor Emily King Postdoctoral Research Associate 2004-2009
Dr. Joseph Kolesar Instructor 1999-2005
Dr. Ioannis Konstantinidis Associate Director 2005-2009
Dr. Paul Koprowski Graduate Research Assistant 2008-2015
Professor Keri Kornelson Visiting Professor 2011-2012
Dr. Yenming Mark Lai Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2014
Dr. Benjamin Lauser Graduate Research Assistant 2008-2014
Dr. Chunting Lu Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2015
Dr. Ben Manning Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-2016
Dr. Thomas McCullough Graduate Research Assistant 2008-2014
Professor Diego Maldonado Post Doctoral Associate 2005-2006
Dr. Christopher Miller Research Assistant 2008-2011
Dr. James Murphy Graduate Research Assistant 2011-2015
Dr. Onur Oktay Postdoctoral Research Associate 2004-2007
Dr. Vinodh Rajapakse Research Affliliate 2014-2017
Dr. José Luis Romero Visiting Fullbright Graduate Student 2009-2010
Joseph Ryan Undergraduate Research Assistant 2004-2005
Raphael Setra Goldwater Scholar and Daniel Sweet Fellow 2013-2014
Professor Christopher Shaw Associate Director 2004-2010
Mads Sielemann Jakobsen Visiting Graduate Research Assistant 2015
Rafael Reisenhofer (Bremen) Visiting Graduate Research Assistant Spring 2017
Elizabeth Spencer Undergraduate Research Assistant 2013-2015
Dr. Nate Strawn Graduate Research Assistant 2006-2011
Kevin Stubbs Undergraduate Research Assistant 2013-2015
Jesse Sugar-Moore Daniel Sweet Fellow and Graduate Research Assistant 2006-2008
Dr. Weiwei Sun Visiting Graduate Research Assistant
Dr. James Tanis Graduate Research Assistant
Dr. Rongrong Wang Graduate Research Assistant 2008-2013
Professor C. Robert Warner Professor Emeritus 2004-2012
Dr. Dan Weinberg Graduate Research Assistant 2012-2015
Dr. Clare Wickman Graduate Research Assistant 2009-2014
Dr. David P. Widemann Graduate Research Assistant 2004-2008
Joseph Woodworth Daniel Sweet Fellow 2008-2011
Dr. Karamatou Yacoubou Djima Graduate Research Assistant 2008-2015
Dr. Wei-Hsuan Yu Graduate Student 2009-2014
Dr. Dongmian Zou Graduate Research Assistant 2012-2017
Dr. Jing Zou Research Associate (CSCAMM) 2005-2006

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