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Emily King

Emily King Emily King
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Office: MATH 3303

Emily received her B.S./M.S. under David Larson at Texas A&M in 2005 and her Ph.D. under NWC professors John Benedetto and Wojciech Czaja at Maryland in 2009.  She is currently earning her applied math chops at the Laboratory of Integrative and Medical Biophysics with Robert Bonner.  When she is not doing research in fields as disparate as retinal image processing and p-adic wavelet theory, she is satiating her addiction to courses by taking classes like computational biology, bhangra belly dance fusion, and German.  She loves cooking, drinking good microbrews/imports, and running.  She also took John's insistence on the use of the Oxford comma to heart.

University of Maryland

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