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FFT 2008 Schedule

The list of speakers is available here.

All talks will take place in the Department of Mathematics colloquium room, MATH 3206.

The main events include a general interest talk on Thursday at 6:45 pm, followed by a light dinner reception on the second floor rotunda of the Mathematics building. Victor Wickerhauser will give the Colloquium on Friday at 3:30 pm, followed by High Tea for all participants of the FFT.

     Thursday Talks
February 21
   Friday Talks
February 22
    Morning speakers   Morning speakers
9:00   Muralidhar Rangaswamy (Hanscom AFB)
Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) for Heterogeneous Clutter Scenarios
  Daniel Rockmore (Dartmouth College)
A Fast Discrete Hermite Transform - Theory and Practice
9:45   Leo Grady (Siemens)
A general purpose image segmentation algorithm using analytically evaluated random walks
  Carol Christou (The MITRE Corporation)
A Method of Incorporating Finite Source Extent Into the Sonar Beamforming Process
10:30   Gregory Mitchell (Air In Technology)
Cognitive Radio Approaches in Broadband Wireless Access
  Robert Rand (Department of Defense)
Exploitation of high dimensional imagery using adaptive resonance networks
11:15   Harry Schmitt (Raytheon AZ)
Application of Classical Beams of Orbital Angular Momentum Radiation
  Ursula Molter (University of Buenos Aires)
Between Shift-Invariance and Translation-Invariance
12:00   Lunch   Lunch
    Afternoon speakers   Afternoon speakers
1:15   Tony Ephremides (University of Maryland)
Data Fusion in Sensor Networks
  Gary Margrave (University of Calgary)
Seismic Deconvolution and Imaging in the Gabor Domain
2:00   Eric Mokole (Naval Research Laboratory)
Ultrawideband Definitions and Waveforms
  Menachem Levitas (Technology Service Corporation)
Synthetic Wideband Waveforms for High Range Resolution, and a Related Cross-band Calibration Technique
2:45   Birsen Yazici (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Synthetic Aperture Hitchhiker Imaging
  Lawrence Baggett (University of Colorado)
Generalized filters and the low-pass condition
3:30   Diego Maldonado (Kansas State University)
Generalized bilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators and applications
  Victor Wickerhauser (Washington University of St. Louis)*
Wavelet filter transforms in detail
4:15   Peter Lax (Courant)
Translation representation and spectral representation
   *: (Colloquium Talk, followed by High Tea)
5:00   Student poster sessions    
    Thursday Open House    
6:30   Stephen Halperin, Dean, College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences    
6:35   John J. Benedetto, Director, Norbert Wiener Center    
6:45   Keynote Speaker Peter Carr (Bloomberg; Courant)
A Practitioner's Overview of Mathematical Finance
7:30   Social, Light Dinner, Refreshments    

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