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February Fourier Talks 2018

Norbert Wiener Colloquium (Friday Afternoon): Bill Johnson (TAMU)
Closed Ideals in the Banach Algebra of Bounded Linear Operators on Lp(0,1).

Norbert Wiener Center Distinguished Lecturer (Thursday Afternoon): Yannis Kevrekidis (John Hopkins University)
No equations, no variables, no parameters, no space, no time: Data and the modeling of complex systems

FFT 2018 Speakers

Afonso Bandeira NYU Statistical estimation under group actions: The Sample Complexity of Multi-Reference Alignment
Lawrence Carin Duke On Adversarial Learning
Raluca Felea RIT FIOs with singularities in SAR
Barry Fell Mitre Spectrum Sharing: Problem Description and It's Relationship to Harmonic Analysis
Simon Foucart TAMU The Usefulness of a Modified Restricted Isometry Property
Ernest Fokoue RIT Random Subspace Learning for Prediction in Ultra-High Dimensional Spaces
Weihong Guo CWRU Single Image Super Resolution and Applications in Multispectral Imaging
Michael Lacey Georgia Tech One Bit Sensing
Michael Rotkowitz UMD Minimization of a Particular Singular Value
Maneesh Singh Verisk Analytics Unsupervised Representation Learning by Sorting Sequences
Hari Schroff NIH Mapping structure, function, and behavior in live C. elegans embryos
Hugo Woerdeman Drexel Multivariable moment problems
George Yang Tennessee State Wavelet Operators on Distributions and Stochastic Processes
Shijun Zheng Georgia Southern Stability of Vortex Solitary Waves in Dispersive Models


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Excursions in Harmonic Analysis:
The February Fourier Talks at the Norbert Wiener Center

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