February Fourier Talks 2018

Barry Fell

The MITRE Corporation


Spectrum Sharing: Problem Description and It's Relationship to Harmonic Analysis


Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum use has grown exponentially over the past two decades due to the rapid development of terrestrial commercial wireless, space based position-location-time systems, space communications, and the increased use of radar to track commercial aircraft and more accurately predict weather. This growth has led to congestion in obtaining access to spectrum use. This talk describes an approach, Spectrum Sharing among RF users, that will enable a large increase in spectrum use, as commercial demand for spectrum increases. The technologies needed to permit spectrum sharing will be discussed and their requirements will be described. These technologies will be related to opportunities in Harmonic Analysis, Big Data, Decision Theory, and Efficient Scientific Computing to aid in the solution and implementation of these methods. Success in the solution to the problem of RF Spectrum Sharing between different types of users such as Terrestrial Communications, Radar, and space services that include Global Positioning Satellites and Space Communications Services (Globalstar and Iridium) is necessary to continue the rapid growth of these industries.

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