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Advisory Board

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Academic Advisory Board

Margaret Cheney
Yates Chair and Professor of Mathematics
Colorado State University

Ronald Coifman
Professor of Mathematics
Yale University
   Member of National Academy of Sciences
   National Medal of Science, 1999

Ingrid Daubechies
Professor of Mathematics
Duke University
   Member of National Academy of Sciences
   Fellow of MacArthur Foundation, 1992-1997

Guido Weiss
Professor of Mathematics
Washington University of St. Louis
   Elinor Anheuser Professorship of Mathematics
   Chauvenet Prize, 1967


Government and Industrial Advisory Board

Michael R. Dellomo
Electrical and Computer
Engineering - UMD
Greg Coxson
U.S. Naval Naval Academy
Glenn Easley
The MITRE Corporation


Garry M. Jacyna
The MITRE Corporation
Joseph Lawrence
ONR and National Defense University

   Jeffrey M. Sieracki
President and CEO
Real Analytics, LLC
Harry A. Schmitt
Physical Layer Systems LLC


Former Board Members

Fredrick C. Williams (deceased)
Partner and Co-Chair
Intellectual Property Group
Burns & Levenson, LLP
Francis Sullivan
Director, IDA Center
for Computing Sciences

University of Maryland

Patrick M. Fitzpatrick
Department of Mathematics

Steven A. Tretter
Professor and Director, Emeritus
Professional Master of
Telecommunications Program  

Konstantina Trivisa
Professor and Director
AMSC Program

Scott Wolpert

Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics

Norbert Wiener Center Society of Fellows

2007 - Fred Williams (posthumous)

2008 - Lori McKay

2009 - Ioannis Konstantinidis
2011 - Chris Shaw

2017 - Rhyneta Fleming

2019 - Richard G. Spencer


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