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Jubilee 2019

Note: Although the audio is fine, some slides are missing from the video feed. To compensate for this, a pdf of slides are included with each talk.
Akram Aldroubi Vanderbilt University The Cumulative Distribution Transform for Data Analysis and Machine Learning [Abstract][Slides]
John Benedetto University of Maryland The 1960s [Slides]
Der-Chen Chang Georgetown University Laguerre calculus on nilpotent Lie groups of step two and its applications [Abstract][Slides]
Alex Cloninger University of California San Diego Dual Geometry of Laplacian Eigenfunctions with Applications to Graph Wavelets, Cuts, and Visualization [Abstract][Slides]
Hans Feichtinger University of Vienna Visions for the Third Century of Fourier Analysis [Abstract][Slides]
Matthew Fickus Air Force Institute of Technology Finite frames and optimal subspace packings [Abstract][Slides]
Stephane Jaffard Universite Paris Est Creteil Val de Marne Multivariate multifractal analysis [Abstract][Slides]
Emily King Colorado State University Grassmannian Frames and the Game of Sloanes [Abstract][Slides]
Joseph Lakey New Mexico State University Spatio-spectral limiting on Boolean cubes [Abstract][Slides]
Dustin Mixon The Ohio State University On the conditioning of subensembles [Abstract][Slides]
Urusula Molter University of Buenos Aires Approximation by Group Invariant Subspaces [Abstract][Slides]
Alexander Olevskii Tel Aviv University Discrete Translates in Function Spaces [Abstract][Slides]
Fulvio Ricci Scuola Normale Superiore Commutative harmonic analysis on noncommutative Lie groups [Abstract][Slides]
Zuowei Shen National University of Singapore Deep Approximation via Deep Learning [Abstract][Slides]
Nathaniel Strawn Georgetown University Image Space Embeddings and Generalized Convolutional Neural Networks [Abstract][Slides]
Yang Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Scattering Transform and Stylometry Analysis in Arts [Abstract][Slides]