Location: MATH 3206
Time: 2:00 PM
Day: Tuesday
Ryan Cinoman
Liam Fowl

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The Norbert Wiener Center Seminar

2019 - 2020 Year Seminar Schedule
09/19 - 09/21 Jubilee of Fourier Analysis and Applications
10/1 Tanay Wakhare (UMD) The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
10/8 Vince Lyzinski (UMD) Vertex Nomination, Consistent Estimation, and Adversarial Modification
10/15 Stephen Casey (American University) Sampling and Frame Expansions for Ultra-Wideband and Adaptive-Band Signals
11/12 Brian Sadler (Army Research Laboratory) Fingerpinting By Design: Authentication and Security
11/19 Stephen Casey (American University) Shannon Sampling via Poisson, Cauchy, Jacobi and Selberg

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