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Poster Session

Once again the Norbert Wiener Center will be hosting a poster session on the first day of the conference. The poster session will be held on Thursday, February 20, 2014. It will take place from 5:00pm-6:15pm in the rotunda of the Mathematics building.

This year's poster presenters are:

Ross Adelman, Univesrity of Maryland, College Park
Fast Multipole-Accelerated Indirect Boundary Element Method for the Helmholtz Equation in Three Dimensions

Hasan Celik, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health
Stabilization of the One-dimensional Inverse Laplace Transform via an Excursion into the Second Dimension

Alice Chan, Pomona College and Allison Theobold , Colorado Mesa University
Combinatorial Structure of Finite Frames

Li Chen, John Hopkins University
Wavelet Applications on Stochastic Blockmodel

Morgan DeHart, American University
Testing and Validation of High Resolution Spectral Analysis

Armin Eftekhari, Colorado School of Mines
Greed is Super: A New Iterative Method for Super-Resolution

Edinah Gnang, IAS
Hypermatrix Spectral Decomposition

Jarod Hart, Wayne State University
Holomorphic Extension for Product Lipschitz Surfaces in Two Complex Variables

Jodi Herbert, Kansas State University
Bilinear Pseudodifferential Operators with Symbols in Besov Spaces

Matthew Hubler, American University
Validation of Maritime Spectral Features

Joseph Iverson, University of Oregon
Translation invariance over a compact subgroup

Toshinao Kagawa, Tokyo City University
Semiclassical limits of the Schrodinger kernel on the h-Heisenberg group

Leor Klainerman, Princeton University
When is the Gershgorin Circle Theorem a Tight Bound?

Michael Minner, Drexel University
On-Grid MIMO Radar via Compressive Sensing

Seungly Oh, University of Missouri, Columbia
Improving local well-posedness results via normal form method

Manos Papadakis, University of Houston
Quantification of phenotypic changes of neurons using automated analysis of confocal images of neuronal network cultures

Surya Prasath, University of Missouri, Columbia
Geometric separation using Shearlets: application to road line extraction and vessel segmentation

Robert Steward, St. Louis University
Estimating the change-point location of a multivariate time series: a Bayesian approach in the wavelet domain

Mark Verdi, American University
Ocean Wind Speed and Direction

Tim Wertz, UC Davis
Eigenvector Localization in Inverse-closed Banach Algebras

Wei-Hsuan Yu, University of Maryland, College Park
Two-distance tight frame and equiangular lines

Zhu Zhu, American University