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Publications related to the FFTW

  • Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson. The design and implementation of FFTW3. Proceedings of the IEEE , 93(2):216-231, 2005. Special issue on Program Generation, Optimization, and Platform Adaptation".

  • Matteo Frigo, Charles E. Leiserson, Harald Prokop, and Sridhar Ramachandran. Cache-oblivious algorithms. In Proc. 40th Ann. Symp. on Foundations of Comp. Sci. (FOCS) , pages 285-297. IEEE Comput. Soc., 1999. [ghostscript]

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  • Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson. FFTW: An adaptive software architecture for the FFT. In Proc. 1998 IEEE Intl. Conf. Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing , volume 3, pages 1381-1384. IEEE, 1998.

  • Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson. The fastest Fourier transform in the west. Technical Report MIT-LCS-TR-728, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, September 1997.

  • Steven G. Johnson and Matteo Frigo. Implementing FFTs in practice. In C. Sidney Burrus, editor, Fast Fourier Transforms, chapter 11. Connexions, Rice University, Houston TX, September 2008.

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