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Video of selected talks from FFT 2009

From this site you may stream a video of any of the talks listed below. Please report any broken links or corrupted files to Christopher Shaw at schris at math dot umd dot edu.

Keynote Address: Barry Cipra
What Makes a Good Math Story?

Norbert Wiener Colloquium: Robert Fefferman (Chicago)
Some Generalizations of Classical Problems in Harmonic Analysis and Associated Open Problems

Norbert Wiener Center Distinguished Lecturer (Thursday Afternoon): Richard Kadison (University of Pennsylvania)
Relations Between Fourier Analysis and Quantum - Dirac's Approach in Modern Style

Anna Gilbert (Michigan)
Near-optimal localization via incoherence and sparsity

Palle Jorgensen (Iowa)
Wavelets, signals, and fractals

Joseph Lakey (New Mexico State)
Time-frequency localization of multiband signals

Yura Lyubarskii (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Time-frequency Analysis Meets Complex Analysis

William Moran (University of Melbourne)
Radar Ambiguity, Golays, and the Weyl-Heisenberg Group

Virginia Naibo (Kansas State)
Mixed norm estimates for the k-plane transform

Karen Peterson (NIH)
Too Much Information: Strategies for Making the Most of Medical Technology

Justinian Rosca (Siemens)
Doing More with Less: Mutual Interdependence Analysis

Darrin Speegle (St. Louis University)
Dilations and orthonormal wavelets

Brian Turner (BAE Systems)
Finding a Solution to Complete Urban Propagation Modeling in our Lifetime

David Walnut (George Mason University)
Operator Identification and Sampling

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