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Workshop on "Phaseless Reconstruction"

February 23, 2013 (Saturday) - February 25, 2013 (Monday)
University of Maryland, College Park - Department of Mathematics
Room 3206 of the Mathematics Building

Organizers: Radu Balan (U. Maryland) and Thomas Strohmer (U.C.Davis).

This workshop is a satellite meeting to the February Fourier Talks 2013 conference. The workshop will start the day after the end of the FFT 2013 conference. The meeting brings together researchers from harmonic analysis, quantum information theory, and electrical engineering communities.

Schedule of talks:

     Saturday Talks
February 23
(Room 3206)
   Sunday Talks
February 24
(Room 3206)
    Morning speakers   Morning speakers
9:00- 10:00   Bagels and Coffee   Bagels and Coffee
10:00- 10:45  

David Gross
Low-rank matrix recovery, with some aid from quantum mechanics

  Boaz Nadler
Vectorial Phase Retrieval
11:00- 11:45   Phil Schniter
Compressive Phase Retrieval via Generalized Approximate Message Passing
  Paul Hand
Stable optimizationless recovery from random phaseless measurements
12:00- 1:30   Lunch   Lunch
    Afternoon speakers   Afternoon speakers
2:00- 2:45   Dustin Mixon
Phase retrieval: Approaching the theoretical limits in practice
  Yue M. Lu
Phase Retrieval under Sparsity Constraints
2:45- 3:30   Xiaodong Li
Sparse Signal Recovery from Quadratic Measurements via Convex Programming
  Yang Wang
Minimal frames for Phase Retrieval

4:00- 4:45

  Laurent Demanet
Convex recovery from interferometric measurements

Radu Balan
Numerical reconstruction from magnitudes of frame coefficients


Monday, February 25, 2013

10:00am - 12:noon Open Discussions
12:00noon End of Workshop



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