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Below is the schedule of talks and time slots; a list of speakers is available here. Click on any speaker's name to get their title and abstract.

The main events include our Distinguished Lecturer, Gilbert Strang, on Thursday afternoon; our Keynote speaker, Mario Livio, Thursday at 6:45 pm, followed by a light dinner reception on the second floor rotunda of the Mathematics building; and Peter Jones will give the Norbert Wiener Colloquium on Friday at 3:00 pm, followed by High Tea for all participants of the FFT.

     Thursday Talks
February 16
   Friday Talks
February 17
    Morning speakers   Morning speakers

Sandra Saliani (Università degli Studi della Basilicata)
Characterizations of some types of linear independence of integer translates

  Götz Pfander (Jacobs University)
A two sided Bourgain Tzafriri Restricted Invertibility Theorem
9:45-10:15   Fred Goodman (MITRE Corporation)
Increasing Speaker Recognition Algorithm Agility and Effectiveness for “Unseen” Conditions
  Teresa Przytycka (NIH)
Using network flow to bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype
10:30-11:00   Marcin Bownik (University of Oregon)
Existence of frames with prescribed norms and frame operator
  Alfred Hero (University of Michigan)
Extracting correlation structure from large random matrices
11:15-11:45   Richard Leapman (NIH)
Nanoscale 3D reconstruction of cells by electron tomography and related techniques
  Andrzej Brodzik (MITRE Corporation)
On perfect sequences with unique differences


12:00 - 1:30   Lunch   Lunch
    Afternoon speakers   Afternoon speakers
1:30-2:00   Arpad Benyi (Western Washington University)
Bilinear pseudodifferential operators of Hörmander type
  Guillermo Sapiro (University of Minnesota)
Collaborative and structured signal modeling and processing
2:15-2:45   Ivan Selesnick (Polytechnic Institute of New York University)
Sparse signal representation and the tunable Q-factor wavelet transform
  Heiko Claussen (Siemens Corporation)
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Multiple Source Tracking (MUST) in Industrial Environments


  Rachel Ward (University of Texas at Austin)
Robust image recovery via total variation minimization
  Norbert Wiener Colloquium (3:00-3:50)
Peter Jones (Yale)
Product Formulas for Positive Measures and Applications
(The Norbert Wiener Colloquium will be followed by High Tea)
4:00-4:50   Norbert Wiener Center Distinguished Lecturer
Gilbert Strang (MIT)
Doubly Infinite Matrices: Algebra Needs Help From Analysis


5:00   Student poster sessions    
    Thursday Evening Program    
6:30   Introductory remarks by Norbert Wiener Center Director, John J. Benedetto    
6:45   Keynote Speaker
Mario Livio (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Is God a Mathematician?
7:30   Social, Light Dinner, Refreshments    
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