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Collaborative Opportunities

The Norbert Wiener Center engages in academic and industry collaborations that brings mathematics to bear on tangible, real-world problems. Our vertically integrated teams include Faculty, Postdoc, Graduate, and Undergraduate members working together to create solutions.


Whether designing fast, embedded algorithms on the latest microprocessors and DSP cores, or engineering exotic applications in fields such as informatics, nanomaterials, and quantum computing, those that understand advanced mathematical toolsets have the edge in creating tomorrow’s technologies. The Norbert Wiener Center is your link to applicable modern mathematics.

We are actively soliciting collaboration ideas from industry. In many cases the University of Maryland MIPS program can amplify your corporate investment dollars by as much as 100%.

We also help coordinate industry and government internship positions for students. This program offers outstanding opportunities for technical employers to benefit from specialized expertise while students gain applicable industry experience.

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact our Scientific Development Officers Dr. Jeff Sieracki or Dr. Mike Dellomo.

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