February Fourier Talks 2011

Shidong Li


High resolution image fusion via fusion frames


The notion of Fusion Frames was introduced to study ways in which functions or signals from a set of subspaces can be combined coherently regardless how complicated subspaces are related. We have argued that fusion frames have a deep root in data fusion applications for distributed systems. We present here an example of fusion frame in action. Formulations of high resolution image fusion using fusion frames will be presented. These techniques use point spread functions (PSF) of cameras as the building block of the mathematical frames and fusion frames in the fusion process. By taking PSF, the realistic camera physics, into consideration, the proposed approach provides a natural and perhaps the most realistic modeling of the high-resolution image fusion problem. Deterministic and iterative fusion algorithms will be discussed. In particular, the fusion frame approach for high- resolution image fusion is also seen to be robust to realistic fusion problems from inhomogeneous image measurements (taken at different space or time or by different cameras). The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated through both simulated and realistic examples. This is a joint work with Zhenjie Yao and Weidong Yi.