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February Fourier Talks at the Norbert Wiener Center: 2006

The February Fourier Talks, organized by the Norbert Wiener Center in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park, feature a diverse array of invited talks in the field of Harmonic Analysis and Applications. This year's conference will take place on Thursday and Friday, February 16 - 17, 2006. A single track of presentations from top academic, industry, and government researchers is scheduled, allowing ample time for interaction with other participants.

Thursday's talks will be followed by an Open House at the Norbert Wiener Center, and Friday's talks will conclude with a colloquium, followed by High Tea.

Topics include:

* Advanced video coding
* Complexity theory
* Fast Multipole Methods
* FM perturbation due to near-identity systems
* Frame theory and erasures
* Modulation spaces
* Nanotechnology
* Netted sensors
* Nonlinear adaptive filtering
* PDEs and image processing
* Sigma-Delta quantization
* Time-Frequency analysis
* Wavelet theory