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Poster Session

Once again the Norbert Wiener Center will be hosting a poster session on the first day of the conference. The poster session will be held on Thursday, February 16, 2018. It will take place from 5:00pm-6:15pm in the rotunda of the Mathematics building. Prizes will be awarded for best posters!

We are pleased to feature the following research posters at the 2018 February Fourier Talks:

Emma Carline, Dalhousie University
Projections in the l1 algebra of a crystal group: an example

Dong Dong, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Multilinear Hilbert transforms: classic, curved, and discrete

Wayne Eby, Onix Henry, New Jersey City University
Issues of Convolution and Deconvolution in Relation to Harmonic Analysis

Calvin Hotchkiss, Iowa State University
Fourier Bases on the Skewed Sierpinski Gasket

Longxiu Huang, Vanderbilt University
Numerical Simulations in Dynamical Sampliing

Thang Huynh, University of California, San Diego
Fast binary embeddings with structured matrices

Babhru Joshi, Rice University
A convex program for mixed linear regression with a recovery guarantee for well-separated data

Santhosh Karnik, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fast Bandlimited Signal Reconstruction from Nonuniform Samples

Fangfei Lan, Gregory Young, Robby Green, American University
Elastic Simulation of Percussive Instruments

Fangfei Lan, Gregory Young, Robby Green, American University
Laboratory Characterization of Percussive Instruments

Sara Leshen, Vanderbilt University
A Balian-Low Type Theorem for Gabor Schauder Bases

Michael Northington V, Georgia Institute of Technology
Strength of Exponential Bases in Weighted Spaces and Fourier Multipliers

Josiah Park, Georgia Institute of Technology
Finite Balian Low Theorems in Rd

Shauna Revay, George Mason University
Combining Riesz Bases of Exponentials

Kevin Stubbs, Duke University
A Novel Approach to Discretizing the Wigner transform

Kai Zhang, University of Florida
On Concentration Inequalities for Sparse Vectors

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