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IMA 2015: Modern Harmonic Analysis and Applications

OPSF 2016: Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions


The Mathematics department at the University of Maryland, College Park offers RIT (Research Interaction Teams) programs each semester. Each semester, the Norbert Wiener Center offers at least one RIT to provide graduate students and motivated undergraduate students, an in-depth exposure to a specific research topic that might not otherwise get covered in a standard graduate course or topics course. The RITs are often heavily student involved and have the option to be taken for academic credit.

Below is a list of recent RITs offered by Norbert Wiener Center Faculty.

Fall 2015

  • Applied Harmonic Analysis
    Radu Balan, Kasso Okoudjou

    Wednesday: 12pm
    more information
  • Deep Learning
    Wojciech Czaja

    Wednesday: 2pm

Fall 2014

  • Graph Sparsifiers
    Kasso Okoudjou

    Monday: 1-2pm
    more information
  • Directional Representations
    Wojciech Czaja

    Wednesday: 1-2pm
  • Sparse Data Methods with Applications to Biological Datasets
    Wojciech Czaja


Spring 2014

  • Directional Representations
    Wojciech Czaja

  • Inpainting
    Wojciech Czaja

  • Paseless Reconstruction
    Radu Balan and Kasso Okoudjou

Fall 2013

  • The HRT Conjecture
    Kasso Okoudjou

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