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Official Drink of the Norbert Wiener Center

The Negroni

1 part Gin
1 part Sweet Vermouth
1 part Compari

The NEGRONI is best served cold, and should definitely not be limited to one glass at a sitting. Some will garnish the NEGRONI with various fruits like oranges, lemons, or limes to deceive themselves into thinking they are warding-off scurvy. The NEGRONI has a long history going back to Count Camillo Negroni de Firenze, but its inspiration for the NWC is that it was the official beverage of the Italian Futurists -- once again, you don't have to be Italian, just a Futurist!

The Negroni di Benedetto is the centerpiece for deliberations by the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Norbert Wiener Center. It refines the Count's inspiration by using the following ingredients: rye based Belvedere vodka , Marsala dolce, and Aperol. The Polish Belvedere reminds one of the glorious vision of the Duomo from Forte Belvedere in Firenze, the Sicilian Marsala is the passion for mathematics, and the Aperol is our sunrise for the future through the highspirited airs of the Alps.

Official Flower of the Norbert Wiener Center

The Kebo Trigonometrose

The Kebo Trigonometrose is the official flower of the Norbert Wiener Center. The flower was discovered/created by our former student, colleague, collaborator, and friend Andy Kebo. The flower is made entirely of trigonometric functions. The Trigonometrose is found in nature in the beautiful Norber Wiener Center red and adds to a fitting decor for savoring a Negroni di Benedetto.

Official Tree of the Norbert Wiener Center

The Kebo Trigonometree

The Kebo Trigonometree is the official tree of the Norbert Wiener Center. Also discovered/created by our former student, colleague, collaborator, and friend Andy Kebo.


Unofficial Norbert Wiener Center Headquarters

The Other Benedetto Office

The Benedetto shop in Seattle is the unofficial headquarters of the Norbert Wiener Center. Meetings take place on the second floor.


Unofficial Norbert Wiener Center Restaurants and Markets

The Benedetto Go-To Pizza Place in Paris

Norbert Wiener Center alumnus Paul Koprowski outside the NWC restuarant in Paris.

Where the intelligentsia eat Italian (in Cambridge)

Norbert Wiener Center's favorite ancient market

Roberto DeLeo at the unofficial NWC antico mercato in Cagliari Sardinia


Unofficial Norbert Wiener Center Bookstore

Matthew Dellatorre taking book orders outside the NWC bookstore in Vatican City.


Unofficial Norbert Wiener Center Gastropub

Carlos Cabrelli outside the NWC gastropub in Vienna.


The Norbert Wiener Center: Building great minds and great bodies.

Professor Juan Romero, Univ. of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, NWC Ph.D. 2005, John Benedetto, adviser.


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